Caring for you and the environment since 1976

Self Sufficiency Supplies was started in 1976 around the concept of personal autonomy and freedom achieved by producing, consuming and treating as much as possible all of our needs on site and reducing our dependancy on others.

Self Sufficiency Supplies was also concerned about our environment and people's health and decided to include a range of natural products which not only benefit our environment and health but actually are very effective.

In 1976 our shop and services were unique and rare, today our society has embraced a "green" and environmentally concious perspective and now the public has access to many solar and natural products. For us it has been a pleasure to be at the forefront of this industry and we continue to find pleasure in providing an alternative to mainstream building, cleaning and healthy living concepts while not compromising quality for price.

We take pride in excellent workmanship and quality and endevaour to provide you with products and services with the best health and environmental credentials to protect you and your family.