sps systemBe independant with a Solar Stand-Alone Power System (SPS)

When the costs of connecting power to your premises are high (>$20,000), having a solar system rather than connecting to the grid may be a real option. The choice will depend on the type of appliances and equipment you wish to run, what time of the day you are using what equipment, and of course the cost of having the power connected.

Solar power can supply all that grid power can supply - it is simply a matter of dollars not technology. Most people heading down the path of an SPS prefer to reign in their power use and hence reduce the cost of the system, as the cost of a stand-alone system is substantially more than a grid connected system.

However, we have some customers who simply want the independence from the ever-increasing cost of the power and even though they have the power past their door, they would rather have a stand-alone solar system instead - even if it does cost more.

We also supply smaller stand-alone solar systems for weekenders as well as for campers and mobile homes.  These tend to be cheaper than a full domestic system as the needs are far less.

For those who want the security of the grid but still want a battery backup for their solar we also do GC with Battery back up. Once again, the costs are greater than for a standard GC system but usually less than for a full stand-alone system and there may be additional benefits for some households that make it worthwhile.

There will always be days when the sun doesn’t shine and a well designed SPS will handle a few days of rainy weather. If the rainy or cloudy weather persists, every SPS system has a generator for back up at such times, so you don’t run out of power.

To ensure you finish up with a system that truly meets your needs, we take you through a rigorous design process prior to quoting a system, as every household has different needs and uses their power differently.