Waste Options

Self Sufficiency Supplies specialises in dealing with toilet and water waste through a variety of measures including composting (dry) toilets, grey water treatment systems and worm farms for a total waste solution.

The most appropriate solution will be very site specific. Factors we consider are proximity to water courses and dams, existing plumbing, drainage and waste disposal, water availability and soil type.

A new building site provides more options than an existing building involving retrofitting equipment. Many sites, existing or new, suit a standard septic system. These are often the most cost-effective option for providing on-site biological waste treatment and disposal. If looked after properly they are trouble free as well as cost free to operate. However, if the site is unsuitable for a standard septic system we can advise you and recommend a range of suitable options.

We specifically do not recommend AWTS (aerated waste treatment systems) unless there is a specific site issue that requires them. They are costly to buy but more importantly they have high and expensive maintenance requirements, and are costly to run. They are often promoted by Councils when there is no need for them, so talk with us first before committing to such a system.

Septic Treatment

Sometimes a septic system can start being smelly, which is a sure sign that something is wrong.

Septic systems and grease traps break down waste through the biological activity of bacteria, both aerobic (oxygen-loving) and anaerobic (non-oxygen-loving). Bacteria produce enzymes that break down all sorts of waste and each waste product needs a certain type of bacteria to produce the appropriate enzyme and need to be in balance with the types of waste in the system and the rate they are being produced. If they are out of balance then a smelly system, blocked drains and clogged grease traps are the result.

The Solution

We supply bacterial products to rebalance your waste treatment system that are special mixes of different bacteria to suit different applications. Bacterial treatments are far superior to enzyme treatments as the bacteria keep producing the enzymes as they die off and they can typically fix problems within a few days.

For new or smelly septic systems
Flush-It" Septic Energiser Rejuvenator Pack to give a one-off boost treatment.

Maintenance program to ensure optimum performance
"Flush-It" Septic Energiser 3-months supply

Grease trap clogged due to build up of unbroken fats and water backing up to the kitchen sink
"Grease Gone" Organic Grease Trap Cleaner in a 9 treatment pack.

Drains feeding the waste from the house to the septic system are blocking
"Drain Power" unblocks and clears drains naturally

For those who have a worm farm type disposal system or even a garden composting pile
"Compost-It" speeds up the composting process

Transpiration areas

Septic systems discharge the treated waste (nutrient loaded water) into trenches, drains and sub- soil irrigation system for final disposal in the soil called transpiration areas. If untreated waste, especially grease, finds its way into these final treatment areas it will block the pores in the soil und result in wet areas on the ground. It can be treated.

This is a much longer treatment plan, using the same products used for septic maintenance on a more regular basis until the problem clears. This may take a few weeks to months depending on the severity of the problem. It is important that no machinery or livestock are ever allowed onto the transpiration areas as that will compact the soil and can result in having to rebuild the transpiration area, a very expensive solution.

If needing more advice on our products, request a brochure or place an order, please call us.