Optimizing your self sufficiency

There are many options to reduce your dependency on supplies from outside the home. For those living on a few acres with timber, harvesting the timber on a sustainable basis can create some real independence for cooking, heating and hot water (see HOT WATER).

Wood-fired cookers are an absolute joy in a house and those who have used them will tell you that food prepared in a wood stove is tastier than anything from gas or electric. They have the additional benefit of providing some heat and if the house suits can be used for hot water too. Cooking heating and hot water all from one package.  To avoid lighting it in summer a gas or electric cooker in the kitchen is recommended so you have the best of both.

We also supply flour mills for those who wish to buy their own organic grains (wheat, rye, etc) and for those processing there own juices, nut butters, dips and spreads we supply a range of equipment.

To save energy we supply some energy efficient refrigeration as well as recommending other makes from other suppliers that may suit.

To monitor your energy use in the house we supply energy monitors that enable you to test household appliance and equipment, as well as those big energy users such as air conditioners that are wired directly to the meter board rather than a power point.

We are here to assist you in reducing your energy dependence in whatever way we can.