Wind pumping

Our wind pumps can be used to replace your existing wind pump or where you have a location that has excellent wind but not so good for sun access.

Wind pumps require more maintenance  than solar pumps due to gear box oil changes and replacing pump leathers, but for some locations they are the best choice and they such an iconic look on the farm.

No more need to drag fuel and pumps to locations to do the pumping. It starts pumping automatically when the breeze starts blowing and they will turn themselves out of strong winds or can be shut down if very high winds are forecast.  These systems are most cost effective when the water need is regular and they are suitable for small to large volumes and low to high heads.

To design and price a wind pumping system we need important information to ensure the system performs as required. We have forms available for you to complete which includes measurements of head, distance, volumes and pipe sizes if existing.

If you are unable to measure these accurately, we have a service available to do this for you. You can install the system yourself or we can do the complete installation for you. When installed correctly and maintained regularly they are relatively trouble free.