dam_pumpSolar Pumping Systems

If you are pumping water from a dam, well, bore or river to provide irrigation or stock water, then pumping with solar may be a really cost effective option. The water needs for stock and plants are highest when the sun is strongest so it provides a great match.

No more need to drag fuel and pumps to locations to do the pumping. It starts pumping automatically when the sun starts shining and shuts off when tanks are full. These systems are most cost effective when the water need is regular and they are suitable for small to large volumes and low to high heads.

Solar pump systems are configured differently for different water sources.
1. Dam water: The submersible pump is floated over a deep section of the dam and kept in place with stainless steel stays to a couple of points on the dam bank. The solar panels are located as close to the dam as possible but avoiding shading.
2. River water: Option 1 - the submersible pump is located in the river bed at a site where it doesn’t run dry and it will not be subject to severe water speed during flooding. It is held there with stainless steel cable to the river bank into concrete footings. The delivery pipe must also be placed so as not to be severely affected by floodwaters.   Option 2 - A surface pump is located on the riverbank fixed to a concrete plinth which is above flood level. This option is less efficient as the pump must suck water to the pump before it can lift it, and this requires additional energy. There are also limits to the amount of suction a pump can provide and this varies with different models.
3. Bore and well water: The submersible pump is supported in the borehole or well at an appropriate depth with stainless steel cable. The solar panels are located as close to the top of the borehole or well as possible but where shading is avoided.

To design and price a solar pumping system we need important information to ensure the system performs as required. We have forms available for you to complete which includes measurements of delivery head, distances, volumes and pipe sizes if existing. If unsure what to complete on the form we can assist you. The attached drawing provides more information.

If you are unable to measure items such as delivery head accurately, we have a service available to do this for you. You can install the system yourself or we can do the complete installation for you. When installed correctly they are relatively maintenance free.

Solar pumping is also available for swimming pools and is set up as a system separate to the household power. Panels can be placed on a nearby roof, ground mounted, or placed on a pergola over the pool area to provide shading. Solar pool pumping is an excellent option for those wanting a pool but having a stand-alone solar system for their power supply.