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Pumping options


For anyone needing to pump water for domestic needs, irrigation or stock, the cost of pumping water and reticulation can be a bog cost burden. The source may be a river, dam or bore and the greater the volume and the higher the head to where you need to pump it, the higher the cost. Finding a cost-effective option is part of the design process we go through with you.

The location of the water source is important in relation to whether the site has sun or wind access. Ownership of or access to the water source is important for rivers and can limit your choices. Also critical for river sources is the maximum flood level of the river and the frequency of flooding. Assessing the permanency of a water source in dry times is another important factor we consider in any design work.

Whatever the choice, we can do the design work including any dumpy level measurements as well as supply and install the pumping equipment or alternatively assist you to install it.