Solar Hot Water

We all need our hot water, whether the need be residential, commercial or industrial. How great it feels when you can have your hot water for next to nothing and reduce those bills.

Starting with a new building, the choices are greater, but if retrofitting a new system, the choices are limited by the building design and the existing plumbing layout. We understand the issues and will provide you with the most cost-effective and appropriate option.

Your current or available source of energy also has an impact on the financial decisions you make regarding solar hot water. Off Peak electricity and natural gas can be very cheap (at the moment anyway) and we can advise the savings that a solar hot water system is likely to make. Another important consideration is the volume of hot water you require and at what time of the day or night it is being used.

The make and materials used in a hot water system are important and provide a range of options. We always recommend the products that have the best warranties, least maintenance and the longest life.

These are all design issues that we go through with you to arrive at the best solution prior to supplying and installing your hot water system.