Options for healthy living environments

Toxins are everywhere around us, and the family home can be one of the worst, often worse than the air in a polluted city.

The toxins are in the water supply, supposedly to protect you (chlorine and fluorine), as well as in the paints and varnishes we use and in the cleaning products used around the house. We supply solutions for all of these.

Water filters and treatment equipment are available to remove particles as well as almost all the toxins providing you with healthier water that tastes better too.

Synthetic paints and varnishes, whether water or oil based, outgas their toxins into your living or working space for months and often years after they are applied. You get used to the smell after a short time but you are still breathing them in and this is especially hazardous for babies and children, or for anyone with chemical allergies. Using natural paints and varnishes creates a healthier home or office. They smell great and there is a large range of colours and applications as well.

Household cleaning products can contain some really toxic chemicals so we supply a range of cleaning products that are either natural or naturally sourced to ensure your health. Most important is the fact that the range we have chosen not only have great health and environmental credentials but they work well too. It is pointless having ‘green’ products only to find out they don’t do the job. We use the products ourselves to ensure that what we supply is as good as we say it is.